Travel to Cyprus and experience the goodness

travel-ro-cyprusCyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It happens to be the third largest and populous island in the Mediterranean. It is located to north of Egypt, south of Turkey, northwest of Israel, west of Syria and east of Greece. Cyprus is the home place for the oldest water wells in the world. It is a good place to go for a holiday.

There are taxi services that offer Paphos airport transfers on your arrival at Cyprus. These services are known to be very punctual, friendly and also offer competitive rates in the market. You will naturally need to avail a taxi to get to your hotel, or destination. With many different cars offering comfortable rides, you won’t be left dissatisfied with Cyprus Cabs taxi service.

To the south western tip of Cyprus, there is Paphos which is in between the Troodos Mountain and the coast. Greek goddess Aphrodite is known to be born here in Paphos. Now Paphos is divided into two parts: the lower section Kato Paphos containing some main archeological points of interest with some hotels and tavernas and the upper part of up the hill with all the commercial centers. It is the capital Cyprus for around 600 years in antiquity. Due to the archeological legacy of Paphos, UNESCO has put its name in the World Cultural Heritage List.

You will find the streets and road sides of Pano Paphos decorated with flowers throughout the year. This town has a lot of modern shops and good designer outlets for shopping purposes.

There are a lot of local restaurants which will serve you the traditional Cupriot cuisine where you can relax and enjoy the meal. Daily Market is a place which is worth visiting here. You will find many local products here including the famous Lefkara Lace and leather products. This market will be heavily crowded in the evening. So it is advisable to visit early in the day.

Most impressive neoclassical buildings can be found here in Paphos on Griva Diveni Avenue. The Public Garden, Solomos square, the row of the neo-classical buildings of schools, 28th October Square, Kortis Palamas, Public Library and the Town Hall tend to remind you of classical Greece.

Ethnographical Museum is also worth visiting. It was built of stones in 1894. It has a façade covered by three gothic style arches. This forms a rectangular covered verandah. Its design is of “urban architecture” style and has some peculiarities. It has two floors with a big beautiful garden. The top floor has a collection of old coins which dates back from 1st century BC to 4th century BC. There are some wooden chests which have traditional designs. The ground floor depicts the villagers’ room with proper costumes, the traditional methods used in cultivating land in Cyrus, the old fashioned kitchens, the olive press, the wash rooms and many more things. This museum was opened in 1958.

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