Top 3 Bluetooth in-car speakerphones


Bluetooth speakerphoneIt’s always good to be able to receive and make calls wherever you are. There are however special occasions that pose serious risks when it comes to being able to use your phone anywhere. Driving is one of those occasions where you aren’t supposed to split your attention. This is where Bluetooth speakerphones come in. Although it is advisable to concentrate 100% on the road while driving, receiving and making calls via your top in-car Bluetooth speakerphone isn’t as bad as receiving and making calls conventionally. This explains why every car owner must invest in a good in-car Bluetooth speakerphone or check ITL portable bluetooth speaker on If you are interested in buying the best in-car Bluetooth speakerphone but you don’t know where to start, look no further. Below is a list of top in-car Bluetooth speakerphones in the market today.

1. SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone (Price: $40.10)

The SuperTooth Crystal is undoubtedly one of the best top Bluetooth in-car speakerphones in the market today thanks to superior features and customer reviews. In regards to features, the SuperTooth Crystal offers a record 20 hours talk time and over 1000 hours stand-by-time after 3 hours of charging. Such battery power is unheard of among many in-car Bluetooth speakerphones in the market today. The SuperTooth Bluetooth speakerphone also has impressive operating range (10 metres) and A2DP music streaming, full duplex, Multipoint dedicated power switch.

Other notable features include; echo and double noise cancellation, automatic car entry reconnection, call waiting, digital volume control, easy pairing, voice recognition dialling, last call redial, GPS instruction, USB charger and universal connectivity with almost any type of cell phone you can think of. Nothing more needs to be said. The SuperTooth Crystal is undoubtedly the best speakerphone of its kind which is something that is attested in many online customer reviews about the SuperTooth speakerphone.

2. BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone (Price: $75)

The BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone is another top in-car Bluetooth speakerphone in the market today according to customer reviews and features. BlueAnt S4 owners love the fact that the speakerphone has text to speech technology which is a very superior voice recognition technology lacking in most car speakerphones today. Customers also love the fact that you can answer and make calls using your voice as well as access various information services.

The speakerphone’s design is also impressive i.e. features a blue CCM lanyard/neck strap as well as many other accessories. The BlueAnt’s memory also standsout i.e. can store 2,000 phonebook entries for every paired device. The speakerphone also has multiple connectivity, rich audio, A2DP streaming capability and GPS functionality. Although the price is a bit high according to some online customer reviews, the BlueAnt S2 speakerphone is undoubtedly better than most speakerphones of its kind.

3. The Jabra Freeway (Price: $64.61)

Jabra FreewayThe Jabra Freeway speakerphone also deserves to be on this list on the basis of features and reviews. First and foremost, the speakerphone offers rich high quality sound from three speakers and virtual surround capability. The speaker also has voice recognition capability, A2DP streaming and GPS and FM streaming capability. The Jabra Freeway battery is also impressive given the fact that it offers 14 hours talk time and approximately 40 days standby time. Other notable features include; automatic on/off advanced multi-use allowing connection to two Bluetooth devices concurrently. Although the Jabra Freeway is pricey according to some customer reviews, the speaker definitely offers unmatched in-car Bluetooth speakerphone capability. This is precisely why the speakerphone makes it to this list.


In summary, the above in-car Bluetooth speakerphones are the best of their kind in the market. Although there are many other similar speakerphones that are good in their own right, the above 3 speakerphones standout in regards to online customer, features and price.

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