Thinking of a perfect place for an event? Check out wine tours!

wine toursA private wine tour across Melbourne is a perfect way to have fun in any occasion, whether it is a birthday party, social event or a business event. You and your visitors will obviously find new things to remember on such pleasant tour. Such a package includes Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley Wine tours. These tours can give you a soothing taste of the events and merry festival occurring in the wineries. Many tour companies are there in Australia which can give you a custom tour of these wineries. One such company is the Dreamscape Tours, which can offer a beautiful experience for you.

Tour of the wineries

A good tour agency can really make your tour through the wineries more comfortable and relaxing. Added to this, there are the many festivals that take place in the best wineries of Victoria all over the year, like the Grape Grazing Festival, which happens in the month of February. You can also book a tour on Christmas in this beautiful area and experience the heavenly beauty of nature. Your tour agency can arrange everything for you, including food, transportation and events. And of course, you’ll also get to taste the best wines that the world have even had.

Things to do in the wineries

Every winery, starting from the Yarra Valley to the Mornington Peninsula, is open to visitors for the whole year and something or the other is always happening in there. You can tour this region and experience the events that it offers. Also, you can completely personalise your tour and your stay in the wineries. The tour packages that companies offer are very pocket-friendly and you can choose the best package according to your requirements, whether you want to stay there for some time, have a meeting for your business or work or even have a fun evening with friends and family.

Places where you can go for a beautiful time

The best places suitable for a wine tour in the region of Victoria are given below:

Mornington Peninsula: This beautiful peninsula is one of the best wineries for touring with its delicious harvests and visually appealing oceanic scenery. You can also eat tasty food in the critically acclaimed restaurants around here.

Geelong: This region is unique due to its powerful produces and beautiful sceneries. You can have a taste of the strong Shiraz, or admire the scenery from the Great Ocean road or even ride a ferry.

Yarra Valley: This place is known all over the world as the best winery. The reason for this is the excellent food available here and the beautiful scenery. Also, the harvest done here are very exquisite.

Macedon Ranges: The regions of Macedon and Sunbury are praised for the fine taste of their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. You can visit the Romsey Shire for different wineries.

A tour of wineries can be very fun, especially when you have friends and family along with you. For making your trip even more fun, you can choose a good travel agency. You can visit many wineries in Victoria, and these are sure to make a merry union special, for all the visitors.

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