Ok, you need a backpack for your travel

backpack for your travelWhat are those common things which one can notice in a traveller? A camera, water bottle, sun glasses and a backpack to carry them all. Last night I was in Seattle and I met a fellow blogger name Jacob. Now Jacob isn’t a traveller but he is cloself connected with Travelling industry. He is a Back Pack seller and he gifted me 3 uniquebackpack. They are unique backpacks, swiss gear backpack or a backpack which he gave me as I was on a motorbike so I will call it a motorcycle backpack. Do check his site.

Now I want to address some points which forced me to talk with Jacob and understand that how backpacks really help in travelling and riding. You see a very common problem with almost every traveller or hiker is Back Pain and what most of travellers don’t know that along with posture. backpacks are also a very popular cause for back pain.

So when Jacob suggested me to use those backpacks which are made to support your spine, I was pretty serious as even I am facing this problem. The funny side of this meetup was that not only I got 3 sexy backpacks for free but I even had a back massage from Jacob, the guy is a genoius when it comes to sales.

That why guys I am writing this post so that you can get more information on backpacks from Jacob’s site Uniquebackpack.com and do chat which the champ. I am sure that he will lure you to buy one. Also check this link on some back packs specification by NBC News.

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