Different types of golf wedges

types of golf wedgesDifferent people play different types of sports throughout the world. Golf is one of the many sports that people prefer to play and it also has international acknowledgement. A new set of golf kit must be bought by a player who wants to join golf club. A new set of golf kit must contain any one of the four kinds of wedges. Some golfers also prefer to buy all the four types of golf wedges – gap wedge, lob wedge, sand wedge and pitching wedge. Among these four types, the pitching wedge is the most commonly used wedge. To know more about various types of golf wedges, you must visit https://golferfx.com.

Some of the top golf wedges of 2017 are given below –

  • Callaway MD3 Milled

Three kinds of grooves are contained by Callaway MD3 Milled that is tied to different lofts. Narrow grooves of the lower lofts help to spin between your first wedge and irons smoothly. Steeper walled grooves are contained by the middle lofts. They help to accentuate the spin in a better way especially on bunker shots and full swings. Greenside and partial-swing spin can be improved by the wide grooves of the highest lofts. The centre of gravity can be raised for flight control and spin by the ports in the wedge.

  • Cleveland RTX-3 Blade/CB

It is always a very tough job to get the centre of gravity just right in the golf wedge. It is mainly because the other clubs become shorter than the hosel. This is because the heel is the favourable position for the balance of the head. 34 models are included in this golf wedge line. The CG is moved towards the middle of the face. This is done by transferring weight to the club head from the hosel. More consistent spin, feel and distance can be produced by this golf wedge. 46-64 is the degree of bounce of Cleveland RTX-3 with 3 sole grinds.

  • Cobra King Pur

Spin can be optimized in the best manner by improving the way of contacting between the face and the ball. This is addressed by Cobra in a few days. The spin is maximized with a more consistent groove shape by keeping the face unchromed. Unwanted vibration can be mitigated by a top line and thicker face. Wider grooves are contained by the higher lofts in order to throw away debris to make the contact clearly. 50-60 is the degree of bounce of Cobra King Pur with 3 sole grinds.

  • Mizuno S5

Mizuno S5 is designed with a larger, rounder and more forgiving shape than the previous models of golf wedges. For this reason, a large number of players prefer to play golf with Mizuno S5. Grooves, five sole grinds, 15 custom lofts and 10 stocks are contained by Mizuno S5. Full shots can be maximized by the narrower grooves of lower lofts. Wider grooves of higher lofts help to improve friction on partial shots.

Choose the perfect golf wedge that will suit your style. Compare the features of different golf wedges when buying from a store or online.


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